What is the Swisscom Hero Platform?
The Swisscom Hero Platform is the central hub that allows you to participate in the Swisscom Hero League and the Swisscom Hero Cups. With your account you can join teams and play in tournaments.

Do I have to be registered on the Swisscom Hero Platform in order to participate?
Yes. Every participant of the Swisscom Hero League and the Swisscom Hero Cups must have an account on the Swisscom Hero Platform.

What else do I need for my tournament participation?
We need additional information on your Profile page, for example your ingame name or a connection to your Discord account. You can find the specific requirements for a particular game on your profile page or the tournament overview.

Why do I need a Toornament account to participate in Brawl Stars?
The tournament administration (tournament tree, score reports, etc.) is carried out on Toornament.com. In order for us being able to assign you to the tournament automatically all Brawl Stars team captains must connect their Toornament.com account.

Why do I need a FACEIT account to participate in CS:GO?
We carry out the CS:GO tournaments on FACEIT. This allows us to provide you with high quality game servers and smooth tournament procedures. For us to be able to compare the participants on both platforms every team member must connect their FACEIT account

How can I create a team?
In the menu item «TEAMS» you can create a new team for you and your mates. Click on the button «Neues Team erstellen» and choose a team tag, a team name and a short description for your new team. Teams also must be assigned to a game.

How can I join a team?
Every team captain can invite new team members on their own team profile. The team captain clicks on the «Invite team members» button. Subsequently, the invite link will be copied to the clipboard. Now the team captain can share this link with his mate to invite them to the team. For security reasons the team captain additionally must accept the new members that join the team via an invite link.

How can I sign up for a tournament?
Team captains can sign up their teams for a tournament. The team captain clicks on the menu item «TOURNAMENTS». All upcoming tournaments will be listed. If your team fulfills all criteria (e.g. account connection of the team members) you can join the tournament.
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